4 Day Weekend in Portland

Remember when I posted about my time in Portland, OR? Yeah, me neither.

Turns out, I have been so busy since I returned from my DTS that I failed to talk about my brief time in Portland!

It has always been a city that I have wanted to visit. In fact, I would always say that if I had to relocate in the States I would go to Oregon in a heartbeat.


First of all, the glory goes to God in how I was able to go there and have a place to stay. I have a friend of a friend that I had never met in real life before but I finally got to meet once I arrived; she and her husband were such great hosts!

I arrived on a Thursday in the late afternoon and left on a Tuesday afternoon. I took the train from Vancouver, BC to Portland, Oregon; this was my first time on a train in the US and it was a smooth ride, for the most part.

When I first arrived, D, took me to a coffee shop named Good. ‘Cuz that’s what you do when you get to the city that is known for its food trucks and hipster coffee joints!

We had a late lunch not too far from the coffee shop, then we did a quick tour of the downtown area, where we went to Powell’s Bookstore for a bit and got donuts from Voodoo Donuts. I was surprised that they [Voodoo] only accept cash, but if you go be warned – there is an ATM inside the building if you don’t have cash on hand. Powell’s was a massive place and if you want to spend a lot of money and are a window-shopping bibliophile – then this is the place to be but it’s not a place that I really enjoyed. Honestly, it might be a bit overrated but I can understand why it’s a very popular place. It’s one of the biggest bookstores that I have been in so far and it’s quite an experience to see that many books from all different genres.


Friday: This day was mostly spent relaxing in the morning and then seeing a bit of the city. I kept repeating to my friend at how impressed I was at how the city was so clean! I must be a #cleanfreak. So sue me.


Saturday: We went hiking this day and the first place we stopped at was Multnomah Falls but turns out that the park was closed due to the wildfires from last year. It was very disappointing because I was really excited to see this place. I did take a picture from far away and am including a GIF from giphy.com to show you why I was really looking forward to seeing this place.


Since we couldn’t go there, we went to Bridal Veil Falls and it was just as beautiful! Also, I realized at this moment that I was meant for the outdoors. I was meant to feel the ground with my hands as I climb a steep hike, I was meant to push harder to be able to complete a hike.


Sunday: We attended church service, beforehand D and I went to Pip’s donuts and had brekkie there. You guys, this place is better than Voodoo Donuts, IMO. But you will have to try them yourself to tell me what you think! 😉 The left is maple bacon bit, nutella filled, cinnamon honey, and cinnamon nutella.


After service, we went to St John’s Bridge for a little photo shoot/ walk. I didn’t know this but Portland is also known for the crazy amount of bridges there!


Monday: My friend was so kind to let me drive her car to Cannon Beach! Along the way, I had a few pit stops because the sights were so unreal that I had to stop and take it in and take pictures of it. There was one place that I stopped at and as soon as I got out of the car a whiff of fresh air, unpolluted air, came rushing at me and it was incredible! I have never had so much fresh air hit me like that before!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tuesday was the day that I left and I was mostly packing since I had an early afternoon flight. We did have lunch at a place called Babica Hen Cafe. I ordered a waffle sampler – Fried Chicken & Barbecued Pork. It was delish! I didn’t take any pictures of the food because I inhaled my food because it was that good!

I am so sad that I couldn’t have had more time there. A week is never enough to fully experience a place, heck, let’s be honest – a month isn’t enough either!

Have you ever been to Portland? If so, what was your favorite part about it?

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