Three TV Shows I’m currently obsessed with

Who can relate to binge-watching shows on Netflix?

Thanks to online streaming and fast speed internet, the choices are endless in deciding what to watch and how much time you can spend watching TV while on your couch.

I’m the first to admit that when I decide to watch a series on Netflix, I watch every single episode and usually it’ll take a week or so depending on what’s going on in my life.


Trying to decide what to watch is hard, so I usually scroll on Netflix for what seems like ages, but I always end up choosing a show that I have seen before, just for the background noise, except this year I am trying out new shows to watch.

While I enjoy being productive and getting things done, sometimes I just don’t. A bit of mindless entertainment is what I want and I think that in this season of life that I’m in, it’s okay for me. I do have my boundaries and self-awareness to know when I should stop but these three shows have made my self-control go out the window when it comes to hitting “stop” and leaving the show for another day.


  1. The Flash (3 seasons on Netflix, Season 4 currently airing on the CW)
    I was told by a coworker that this show was really good and on a weekend where I planned to do nothing, I spent all day watching the first season. #noshame

    flashIt is based on the DC hero, The Flash, who is the fastest man alive. Due to a particle accelerator blowing up he is struck by lighting and that’s how he becomes The Flash.

    Barry Allen (The Flash) is a twenty-something, CSI scientist, but a superhero by night. Sometimes he definitely has some ideas in which I just want to slap him and tell him to get it together.

    I have a friend that has a son and he would run around the house saying that he was the Flash. Between you and me, I think he would make a better Flash.

    I think that deep down inside I really enjoy this show because it’s filmed in Vancouver, BC. Last year I spent three months in Vancouver and fell in love with the city and every time there is a shot of the city skyline, my heart skips a beat.

    On the rooftop after a snowfall


    Vancouver, my love for you will always run deep

    TV Rating: TV-PG


  2.  American Crime (3 seasons – Show canceled on ABC)This show has three different storylines for each season with some recurring actors, such as Regina King shown in the GIF below.

    The show deals with murder, racism, and rape just to name a few.

    The shortest season was the last season with only 8 episodes but it was the most gut-wrenching one for me because of the different issues they displayed.

    With the ending of each season, I was left bewildered by the ending and I really don’t like that. I am the type of person that wants to know everything at that moment but this left me wanting more.

TV Rating: TV-14

3: The Punisher (Netflix Original) [ 1 Season, Second season in production]

I don’t read comic books but that doesn’t mean that I can’t watch shows and movies about the heroes.

This show is from the Marvel universe but the protagonist doesn’t have superhero powers, he is just a really strong guy and an ex-Marine. I love Jon Bernthal and this is a redemption series where I don’t view him as Shane Walsh (The Walking Dead), horrible best friend,  but instead, a fighter.


I like all the action that this show has, fighting scenes are intense – almost as intense as John Wick.

The Punisher is the name given him after his wife and kids were murdered and he went on a rampage to avenge their deaths. During the first season, he discovers a conspiracy bigger than he knows. It will leave you blown away after each episode.

I don’t want to say too much on this show because I highly recommend you watch it if you are into action shows/films.


TV Rating: TV-MA

There you have it, these are the three shows that have taken up my watch list on Netflix. Hope that this helps you choose what to watch next on Netflix!

Let me know what show you recommend I watch in the comment section below!

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