Conversation with a hitch hiker

As I was driving on I-40 this past weekend I remembered the time that I had stopped on the side of the road in order to help some people that had a broken down car. I didn’t intend to do it; to be honest I never want to stop because I don’t know anything about cars. This time it was different; I saw the pair jumping and waving as dusk was settling in. I decided to stop because I thought maybe they needed a cell phone to call someone.

As I passed, I turned the steering wheel  to the left and came to a stop (without thinking); which is dangerous in a road that has a speed limit of 70 mph! I started to reverse closer to them and they separated to go to each side of the car and, if I’m being honest, I thought that I had fallen for a cruel joke and that this couple was going to murder me. It seems as if I didn’t have enough faith in God at that moment. I rolled down my window and, as it turns out, they ran out of gas and needed a ride to go and get it. I offered to go pick up the gas and bring it back  to them since I didn’t have space in my car. The girl, C, asked begged me to ride with her so she made some space in the backseat of my car – directly behind me. My anxiety level raised higher at this point!

She was relieved that I had stopped to help and then she proceeded to tell me what her day had consisted of and I told to her to look at the bright side of things in this situation. They had been on the side of the road for almost 2 hours and not one person had stopped for them and it was me, a female, that helped them out. This was not a coincidence; this was totally a moment for me to shine Christ’s light and I am so thankful for the opportunity that He gave me to be a blessing to others!

During this car ride I was able to talk to C about forgiveness and she was telling me about the hardships that she had gone through in her life. I mentioned to her how my life had changed ever since I had left my parents house and the growth that I had during that time away. I did not share the Gospel forthright but I did exchange numbers with her in the hopes that we would see each other that weekend and walk around the Loop at the beach. It still hasn’t happened yet but I trust that I planted a seed in her and that in God’s perfect timing, He will soften her heart which will lead to repentance.

We serve a mighty God and even when we think that we aren’t useful or talented in an area, He still uses us to shine the light of Christ to those that are needing it. After that experience, whenever I see people on the side of the road I pray for them and wonder when will be the next time that the Lord will use me to help someone again.

3 thoughts on “Conversation with a hitch hiker

  1. Great thought, and encouragement of letting our light shine. Never know if someone standing on a corner asking for help might be an angel unaware. Or some stranger on the road needing help. I think the Lord does help us to be wise as we try to please Him.

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