Read this if you are feeling tired and worthless

This season of life has been filled with chaos. I know that life isn’t always going to be like this and that I should even embrace this slight uncomfortable feeling. When I am so distraught I know that the only place in which I can get rest is at the feet of Jesus.

If you are struggling to find rest in the middle of your chaotic life, like me, I would tell you that this isn’t new to God. He alone knows that you are tired from your everyday distractions and He wants to carry that burden for you. It is so freeing to finally be able to lay at the feet of Jesus and tell Him all that you are dealing with. I, myself, have yelled out and cried out to Him in such anger and frustration! Like, Kim Kardashian ugly cry!


The decision we have to make now is whether we are going to let everything bring us down until we can’t walk anymore or are we finally going to let go of the things that we are scared to lose control over? Reality check here – even if you THINK you are in control you really aren’t. The God of the universe, the Creator of everything under the sun and moon, is sovereign over it all. He has ordained all of our days before we lived just one. He isn’t scrambling about trying to come up with a Plan B, C, and D because of the decisions we make. He knew that we would fail Him, yet He is unfailing. We disappoint, yet He is faithful.

My friend, I would encourage you to take a deep breath. Stand still and look up to God. Know that you are loved and cared for in this very moment and don’t place your identity and worth in something that will eventually change like the tides. It’s not worth it.


6 thoughts on “Read this if you are feeling tired and worthless

  1. What a great post! I’m always amused at the image of God scrambling, trying to come up with a Plan B–it’s such a human perspective, and so not our Mighty God! He is our Good Good Father, eager to take on our cares when we just stop clutching them like they’re riches 🙂 In this first half of the year, I was feeling totally overwhelmed, ready to leap off my 2nd floor balcony (which would only break an ankle). I’m about to turn 65, so you’d think I’d be smarter, right? Not so much.

    Finally I was crying my eyes out, begging God to “do something, already!” His reply was gentle, but very clear: He said, “I was only waiting for you to give up your own futile efforts, surrender it all to Me–and ASK for My help. I’ll be more than happy to take over now.” In a matter of mere weeks, He was putting people in my path to support me emotionally–giving me hope and His strength, and a direction Forward. I’m stunned and amazed, and beyond GRATEFUL that His love is so Faithful, His daily mercies abundant–and His favor is falling on me like sunbeams. Great is Our God–Praise His NAME, JESUS, forever!! God bless you so richly today, Damaris! 🙂


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