When the high of travel has faded

It seems as if the wanderlust mindset is teeming with the need to sell everything, pack a bag, and board a plane with the one way ticket you just bought. Granted, I am all for going out into a new culture and experiencing it first hand – but what if you can’t?

When I’m on reprieve from travel, I live in a small town outside of Wilmington, NC. It is difficult to meet people with a wanderlust mindset. Not only that, but people who don’t even have the same desire as myself in wanting to explore this beautiful creation.

A problem I struggle with is what to do when you come back from an amazing time abroad and people aren’t interested in listening to your stories or just don’t seem to understand how your experiences have helped shape you.

I realized that I have been guilty at times of  thinking that staying where you are is not as meaningful as traveling the world. The truth is, God has infused each of us with different passions and purposes that all work together for His ultimate will. While everyone may not be able to travel the world, or even want to – the great part about us all being different is that it makes life that much more interesting to share together.

When I return from a time abroad sometimes the stress and worry of the “real-world” all too quickly override my joyful memories.  I can’t extend time and I can’t take the stress out of life…but what I can do is choose to learn from the difficult experiences that I had, which have shaped me to be the person I am now, and also make the choice to focus on the good experiences.

Regardless of whether you are called to stay where you are, or go out and explore the world, life is amazing no matter the location.

To those of you that are surrounded by people that can’t relate to your experiences abroad – don’t think that there isn’t a person who would want to hear about your trip because, if I’m being honest, there is at least one person who is genuinely interested in what you have to say.

To those of you that are called to explore locally- don’t think that you are not easy to relate to because you don’t have similar experiences; you can be the person to help the “Wanderluster” realize that life is green even on your side.

We were all created for such a time as this – no matter where we are!

12 thoughts on “When the high of travel has faded

  1. I understand your entire blog post, as a nomadic traveler. I’ve had long had a wanderlust nomadic mindset that stirs within my soul and spirit mentally.

    I returned five months ago and will go back to the road for good at the end of July. I can only find like-minded people during my travels or on YouTube. My family and friends are either, not interested, share a desire but afraid to take the plunge, and the rest live their lives through my travels.

    Your insight is spot on and is the beginning of a short story novel. Great blog post and I will follow your journey. 🙂

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    1. It is definitely refreshing when you encounter like minded individuals along your travels! I agree with you on that! I encounter a lot of people who would love to take the plunge as well; I know some circumstances don’t allow you to go full on about it but also looking at your priorities would put things into perspective on whether travel is as important to them as it is to you. Thanks for the great comment and feedback!:) excited to know more about your travels when you take off in July!

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