An Open Letter to my Ex


Thank you so much for ending it the way you did. If I had stayed with you I never would have learned what true love really is like.

I know the people we meet in our lives that never stayed for the long haul are actually blessings in disguise. You were one of them. If I had never known that kind of heartbreak, I never would have known the kind of acceptance and love that I have found in Jesus Christ. He’s the ultimate bridegroom and he loved me even when I didn’t acknowledge him.

Thank you so much for having helped grow me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for the lessons that I learned with you –

  • You taught me to eat weird foods, which I see as preparation for my missionary lifestyle,
  • You took me to places outside of the local scene, which has made me realize that this world is such a beautiful place that I need to explore!

Thank you for teaching me that it’s important for me to learn to forgive. Granted, I did not want to forgive you for the longest time, but with the Holy Spirit, I was able to forgive you.

I will not forget the lessons that I learned from you, which have prepared me for the one that God has chosen to care for my heart until the return of Jesus. I do not hate you, even though at one point I did. I could never hate you because that isn’t something that will bring honor to the one who ransomed me.

I no longer have any fears about what’s to come in my life because the one who has written my name on His hand has not let me go and never will.

So, thank you.

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