Community in the midst of confusion (Part Two)

On my last post I wrote about my first time being in Savannah, GA and some of the experiences I had with my best friend, M. This post is a little about the reason why M & I had bad dreams that first night at the AirBnB we stayed at, along with this past NYE with my new found friends and sisters in Christ, H & N!

The house that M & I stayed in was:

  • Built on top of Native American burial grounds,
  • The host was dabbling in New Age magic and had a stone on the window sill that was placed in a specific way to get energy from the moon (M is of Native American background and she knows these kind of things),
  • And, probably the most uneasy thing- the previous owner of the house had died on the second floor and when there was a renovation done by the current owner, he came upon a mural painting of woods burning and a deer on fire…Totally crazy!ron swanson

Since that initial encounter with H & N, I have visited them a few times  and I spent this past NYE with them. It was a total blessing of the Lord to be able to be in community with them and their friends. I got to meet a lot more amazing people and we even had a prayer session! God has a funny way of bringing the Body together in times of need. I had been struggling with fear and I met prayer warriors at the party and we had an intense battle. At the end of it, I was freed from those chains that I had so tightly been holding on to! Praise God!

That whole weekend was spent with my sisters in Christ that are going through the same season of waiting as myself and we totally watched Cinderella, ate pizza, and cried a lot due to cute YouTube videos! I enjoyed being in fellowship with them and we even got to interview an older, married sister and asked her for life advice. girltalk

Being in community is so important to your spiritual health and well-being; I’m one of the many who has experienced the love of Christ through the body.

The girls and me before I left for NC. Photo credit: J
What are some ways in which you have experienced the love of Christ in community? Have you made it a priority to gather with the saints on a regular basis or have you forsaken the body?

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