Community in the midst of confusion (Part One)

A couple of years ago my best friend, M, and I went to Savannah, GA for a girls birthday getaway weekend; little did we know that we would experience some supernatural things!

I wanted to do something special for M since it was her birthday. I wanted to go to Charleston because we both like to travel and it was fairly close, but then the shootings happened. I sought the Lord for guidance and wisdom on where to go and Savannah was placed on my heart. I booked our AirBnB that same day and  a couple of weeks later we were on our way!

We arrived at our AirBnB pretty late and that night we both had nightmares. My nightmare in particular was of a goat-man (similar to Phil from Hercules) and I knew that it hated me and it wanted me dead. It was chasing me and I couldn’t run fast enough because of the water that was accumulating everywhere. After a few more things happening to me in my nightmare I managed to yell out Jesus; I woke myself and M up.

Imagine Phil all red and seething in anger towards you

The next morning, I told M about my nightmare and she told me that she had had a nightmare as well! We started talking about Ephesians 6 and the importance of putting on the armor of God.

View from our room

After we finished getting ready to explore the area, we proceeded to go downstairs for breakfast and ended up meeting the assistants of the AirBnB host, and their mother. M and I were talking about how we did not have such a great sleep due to our nightmares. The mother, Em, had also said that she was having feelings of uneasiness in the house as well. After much conversation during breakfast, we all realized that we were sisters in Christ!! How awesome is that?! God is so good!

As it turns out, the assistants had been praying for community to help encourage and strengthen them in their walks with the confusion they were struggling with in that season of their lives.

We ended up going to service with them that Sunday morning, and it just so happened that they had talked a bit about “powers and principalities,” in Ephesians 6!

On our way back home, M & I were rehashing our trip and we found out some interesting reasons about why we had those supernatural experiences.

The assistants, H & N, have become some of my close friends and I have visited them a couple of times since then and I actually spent this past NYE with them.

N, H, & I together after Sunday service

You’ll have to wait for part two for the continuation of this saga. 😉

Do any of you have similar stories of meeting new friends in random places and keeping in touch with them?

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