Going on a mission…Willing to join?

//EDIT: I am so grateful for the Lord’s provision! There has been support given and I just ask that you continue to pray and share this so that the Lord may continue to use me for His Kingdom! Thank you!
Amount needed to pay off DTS is $1610.00 American, $220-250 for airfare back from Canada, vaccination is covered and I still need the spending/ER fund. I have decided to open up a GoFundMe account in hopes that it will be easier to share and spread the word about what God is doing and will continue to do as I go and work for the Kingdom!\\


As you know, I am going to embark on a wonderful journey so that I can be used by the Lord; in order for me to do this I am seeking help and support to further His Kingdom!

The amount that I need to raise is $10,000 and I am trusting that the Lord will give provision for this, to be able to spread the Gospel to those that have not been reached.

With that being said, here is a summary of the pricing for the basis of the raising:

  •  DTS Program – Recruiter from YWAM informed me that it would be $7,500 American. This price would cover: transportation, food, accommodation, airfare to field assignment location, and other ground fees.
  • Round trip airfare to and from Canada – $330-$400 , depending on how soon I can purchase the ticket
  • Vaccine for Southeast Asia$150
  • Spending/Emergency Fund– Approximately $2,000 for the 5 months abroad.  A praise I have is that the banking company I use for travel has FREE ATMs in Canada, therefore I will not be charged foreign transaction fees and withdrawal fees!

If you feel led to help support the spreading of the Good News through the DTS program, you can donate here , follow the instructions, and fill out the information as asked; “Damaris Barrios, September DTS 2017, YWAM Vancouver”

If you would like to help out with being able to get the airfare ticket, vaccination for the outreach abroad, or for the 5-month fund, you can donate here through Paypal.

During this time of raising support, prayers are most needed in order for the Lord to be able to provide the things that I need before I embark on this journey to help further His Kingdom!

Thanks for your time in reading this!

If you have any ideas on how to raise support comment below, I would love to know!



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