Spain, it’s been fun!

Today is my last day in Spain. I feel it to be a bittersweet moment because I feel like I already live here. There has been so much going on throughout these 16 days I was here- I have been sleep deprived, sore from all the walking and climbing I’ve done, and worst of all I think I sprained an ankle on my second night in Barcelona! Even with all my woes my happiness at being in this place far outweighs them! I have met some wonderful people and got to hang out with a fellow believer and we got to encourage one another in our walks! God is so good and it has definitely felt like I’ve been drained spiritually these past few days. On the flipside I did encounter a sister in Christ in my tour group and we got to talk about God! It’s so amazing how God works things together. I’m still left in awe at how this world has so much beauty!



At Park Güell in Barcelona


At Toledo- great city!


On the way to Málaga

Heading off to enjoy my last day- next stop Germany. Until next time!

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